Testimonials and Praise

“Whoooooooo hooooooooo.  7 weeks of Physical Therapy and was still in pain. Went to Steve Romey today and R E L I E F.”  “Thank goodness for Steve Romey!”

“Immense emotional and physical relief is a result in each session and I’m able to return to those states of calm and freedom from stress or pain for days afterward.  Steve can bring a human body back into balance with his techniques and can support people in maintaining health and balance.  Everyone in my Rolodex needs to meet him.”

“Steve has a real gift tuning into your body and utilizing different techniques to release emotional trauma, stress, and tension. I felt more calm and at peace and he helped release some emotional pain that I had been holding on to. I recommend Steve to anyone looking for healing on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level!”

“Steve Romey is a highly intuitive, immensely skilled massage therapist proficient in a variety of massage modalities. He’s been my massage therapist for nine years supporting me physically and emotionally and is specially trained to work with people with cancer.”

massage-2“Steve Romey is a deeply intuitive and gifted healer. He initially helped our son Danny who sprained his ankle as quarterback for his high school football team. Steve’s skillful massage and manual lymph drainage dramatically improved Danny’s healing and recovery – just in time for their final game! I then gifted myself with Steve’s healing touch to support my own knee and back pain. It was amazing and I told him “this is one of the best massages I’ve ever had!” As I continued to see him, I was diagnosed with cancer and was blessed to continue receiving his support with another specialty of his – Oncology Massage – and he was part of my support team as I worked with my consciousness to unpack the spiritual opportunity of the cancer and it went down from 95% to microscopic in just 7 weeks with no medical intervention-a miracle! My sessions with Steve, who was kind and sensitive through it all- were part of my nurturing and healing – body, mind, and Spirit. I am so grateful for Steve’s big caring compassionate heart, his intuition, and his profound skills. If you are dealing with pain, health challenges, or just want an amazing massage – I highly recommend Steve.”  ~ Alisha Das Hayes, Spiritual Counselor & Coach

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