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Steve Romey – Massage Therapist

Steve Romey is a licensed and insured therapeutic bodyworker. In his own words:

I have a Bachelors degree in Health Science and specialize in Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Oncology Massage, Lymphatic Massage, PRRT, Trigger Point and Myofascial release. Helping people experience optimal health in all areas of their lives and moving through pain is truly rewarding. I spent many years in an unfulfilling job and marriage, and ate sugar for the sweetness I was craving in my life. I reinvented my life and now have a healthy diet and lifestyle, an amazing and fulfilling relationship, and help people with massage, bodywork, nutrition, and life-coaching.   I wake up everyday inspired, happy, and grateful to help others move through health or physical challenges so they can experience their optimal health and happiness.  Read on to find out for more about me!

My Healing Journey

Before becoming a licensed massage therapist in 2003 I was in a job that required me to be at a computer 8 hours a day. I’m aware of the stresses that sitting in front of a computer can put on the body. My neck and shoulders would ache, my hips would get tight, my posture was poor, and I generally hit the afternoon “wall” where I needed a nap or a cup of coffee to keep me going. This repeated on a daily basis. Once I realized I was addicted to sugar and caffeine to keep me going I made some changes in my diet that were not easy, but extremely supportive. My body looked great on the outside, I am fit and able to bike for many miles through the mountains, but my insides were in disarray. My digestion of food and life was challenged as well as my immune system which led me on a healing journey for my body, mind, and spirit.   Through this journey I have a deeper sense of what it takes to get the body functioning optimally. How to live life in a body free of pain, full of energy, and nourished from the inside out.

Optimal Health and Wellness

My bachelor’s degree focused on health science with an emphasis in education. I have always had great admiration for our bodies and how they function. The human anatomy and physiology fascinated me and I dove deep into both. Massage training increased my knowledge of the body, and I have continued taking classes every year since.  Through education and bodywork we will work together to assist your body in achieving its natural state of health. Whether you are dealing with a chronic ailment that has been affecting you for months or years, or an acute pain (recent injury/trauma) I can assist you in working with your body to function optimally.

Working With Athletes

As an athlete I have enjoyed many different sports, road and mountain biking, volleyball, racquetball, tennis, jet skiing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, hiking, snow skiing, basketball, football, baseball. Currently I am an avid mountain biker and can be found biking throughout the Santa Monica Mountains. A tight muscle is a “weak” muscle. If your muscles are tight you do not have full range of motion, which limits your ability to perform at your optimal best. With specific stretching and massaging for the areas that are most used by your sport, you will feel like you run/jog smoother, bike more freely, hit the golf ball more accurately and farther, serve the tennis ball harder, and move up and down the basketball court quicker. My athletic restoration massage will ease soreness and fatigue while assisting you with your peak performance.

 Oncology Massage

Early in my massage career a colleague shared Heart Touch with me – a non-profit organization that provides compassionate touch to individuals in hospice care. While serving individuals in hospice another colleague told me about Camp Keepsake. A cost-free weekend retreat in Ojai, CA sponsored by the Cancer Hope Foundation for individuals with active cancer or in remission and their families. My first year volunteering at Camp Keepsake was 2008. I didn’t have experience working with individuals dealing with cancer, but I was drawn here so I mainly worked with their family members that came with them to camp. The experience was so phenomenal touching the lives of these individuals that I have not missed a year since. My mother has been active with the City of Hope as a fundraiser since I was a little kid so I believe the seed was planted by her and her committed service to this population. As I continued with Camp Keepsake I knew I wanted and needed more information to serve this population in a safe manner. In 2011 I began my journey to Oncology Massage certification. I had not known of any close family or friends directly affected by cancer until 2014 when my mother was diagnosed with uterine cancer and my cousin diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer. These experiences touched me deeply. I hear my clients express their emotions at a deep level, and with compassion I support them through this challenging experience.

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